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Upcoming events, more info soon:

European Energy Cup & Congress 2019, 8-11 May 2019., Croatia

2nd European Digital Industry Cup & Congress, 2-5 October 2019., Croatia

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Team buildings

Attract and retain skilled employees.
Build the stronger relationship with your customers.
A strong employee experience also drives a strong customer experience.


Measure teamwork and competitiveness of your crew in a series of boat races.
Establish a more quality relationship with your clients or partners.
Great for socializing with other professionals, but also for creating new business opportunities.

Workshops, seminars, conferences

You can sail and have a program of inspired speeches or workshops.
A half day of sailing and a half day of learning, each day or inspiration, can give new wind and wings of your business.

About us

Business Sailing Experience Agency is a specialized agency with years of experience in the organization of sailing adapted to the special needs of the business.

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