We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails!

Why a sailing team building?

The purpose of a team building is to increase effectiveness of every individual to cooperate for the purpose of team. Corporate sailing is an activity that perfectly addresses all the aspects of a company and its surroundings.

There are many metaphors used in business that have their origins in sailing. ‘We are all in the same boat’, ‘a flagship company’, being ‘a mainstay’ and ‘he’s sailing close to the wind’, are phrases regularly heard in the corporate world. Apart from those, one of the most common, “running a tight ship” comes straight from traditional sailing. To experience the real meaning of the metaphors there’s no better way for corporate team building than using sailing to accomplish it.

Sailing is an effective metaphor for the corporate reality, a stimulating tool for outdoor training and experience. Sea activities for companies offer the chance to develop their own network, to strengthen their relationships, to increase their visibility and brand awareness in a fun aggregating atmosphere.

The benefits are numerous and include the following:

  • Identifies Leadership & Other Skills
  • A climate of cooperation and collaborative problem-solving, higher levels of trust and support
  • Collaboration and the fostering of initiation, imagination, innovation and creativity
  • Competition and bragging rights
  • Celebration, team spirit, fun, and motivation
  • Networking, socializing, and getting to know each other better


Frequent topics of discussion both during and after the event are:

  • What hidden barriers do we all acknowledge that inhibit us working together better?
  • How do we maintain this level of cooperation back in the office?

Once we clearly understood our roles, and each other’s roles, everything was much smoother. Could this be why we are having trouble with ‘XYZ problem’ at the office?


Work environment Sea environment
Company, team, resources Boat, crew, equipment
Teamwork Crew roles
Leadership Skipper
Market Sea
Company objectives Navigating towards
Business strategies Route planning
Competitors Regatta racing
Market rules Regatta rules
Market trends Weather analysis & forecasting
Internal relationships Living aboard a sailboat



  1. Better and more effective communication
  2. An inspiring and motivating change for your employees
  3. They will discover new sides of themselves and strengthen their weaknesses
  4. Identify and make use of the strengths of team members
  5. Training in effective teamwork in action
  6. Discover the value of encouragement and motivation

Business Sailing Experience Agency customazies your Team Building especially for your needs! Every team building is tailor made for our clients needs. We can arrange much more than just a sailing trip, we offer gastro tours, nature tours, trail running, fun and exciting games, seminars, top speakers based on your needs…

All of this is arranged in almost any port in Croatia, based on your preference and desired aquatorium.

Team Sailing is a great analogy for this practice—testing the winds, using its power when you can, tacking when you can’t, and getting the whole team back to harbor.

FAQ about Corporate Sailing

1. What if it rains?
Much like the business environment, unexpected adversity can be thrown our way. We will have a contingency plan in place should the weather not cooperate. However, we have found this to rarely happen
2. Where can we do this?
We can arrange our Corporate Sailing at almost any port in the Croatia.
3. Do you need to know how to sail before you go?
Absolutely not. In fact, our biggest breakthroughs occur with those who are new to sailing.
4. Some of our group may not know how to swim
No problem, we all wear personal flotation devices.
5. I am not sure which exercise is right for my situation. Is there someone I can speak with?
Absolutely. Call and speak with any one from our team, or send us an e-mail:

Tom Gavazzi – +385 99 558 8999,


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Designed to last several days, regattas will join industry professionals and thought leaders in one place, where we will ensure a space that will inspire their thinking, provide new learning opportunities and set the stage for new partnerships to develop. Our business and industry regattas consist of sailing and an expo and congress area, combining the two brings you an opportunity to sail around the wonderous Croatian coast while also networking and learning about new trends and challenges.

Business Sailing Experience regattas are a new and unique mixture of sailing and business. Our regattas are industry-specific and include social and promotional activities which surround the racing event, enabling you to socialize with other professionals and create new business opportunities in an informal relaxed atmosphere.

Experienced leaders from all over the world will headline the business part of our regattas, providing all participants with insight into industry trends, main points of interest and current challenges that are being worked on.

A regatta is a perfect experience where you can get insight into the level of teamwork and competitiveness of your crew in a series of boat races. The term typically describes racing events of sailed watercraft.

Our next regatta is The European Digital Industry Cup, scheduled to take place from October 10 to 13 this year. Covering themes that are at the heart of the digital industry of today and tomorrow – such as artificial intelligence, digital transformation, e-mobility, internet of things – the European Digital Industry Cup is the place to be for buyers and users of digital services, investors in the digital industry and providers of digital services.

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As dedicated professionals in our fields of work, we all know the value of constant education and the need for continuous improvement. In the ever-changing landscape of tomorrow, professionals need to invest in themselves and their skills, now more than ever, in order to stay on the cutting edge.

For this purpose, we have designed a unique type of training and learning, by combining the hard work of a seminar and a relaxing atmosphere of sailing. Studies have often shown that the brain learns and absorbs new information faster and better when it is stimulated in a meaningful way.

That is why we are offering a special type of seminar where we dedicate half of the day to sailing and fun activities and the other half we are ready to absorb information through our seminar led by a professional in the field.

With the luxury of staying aboard sailing yachts, the seminars are free to move to a new location every day, providing you with a change of scenery each day. Explore the wonders of the Adriatic, enjoy the local cuisine and admire the rich culture and beautiful nature. This will allow you to charge your batteries for the other half of the day and to fully immerse yourself in the seminar that will give you and your business a new perspective.

Currently, we are taking registrations for the Big Data Sailing Academy , where a Big Data professional from one of the top Big Data companies in Southeast Europe will take you through a week-long course, enabling you to go from beginner to expert in the space of seven days.

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