About European Digital Industry Cup 2018

10 Oct, 14:00 – 13 Oct, 10:00

Marina Baotić, Ul. Don Petra Špika 2, 21218, Seget Donji, Croatia

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A unique gathering of digital industry leaders and experts. Combining a sailing team building with an engaging industry congress and expo. From 10 to 13 October 2018 sailing yachts will spread their sails and set their course for a revolutionary new event.

Join us and sail with your team in an industry sailing regatta, network with other professionals from all over Europe and connect with leaders and influencers of tomorrow.

Form a strong bond with your team, meet other industry experts and listen to inspirational speeches, all while enjoying the sea and sun on the Adriatic sea!

Marina Baotić, Trogir

Hvar, Hvar Island

ACI Marina Palmižana, Pakleni Islands

The European Digital Industry Cup takes place in southern Croatia. The starting point is Trogir, a World Heritage Site since 1997, famous for its historic centre with a distinct Venetian architecture. The European Digital Industry Cup will set of from Marina Baotić and chart a course for the Island of Hvar. Also called Sunny Hvar, it is known for its rich culture and luxurious Mediterranean nature, easily recognized for its lavender fields and vineyards.

Lastly, the Cup will reach the Pakleni Islands where the boats will anchor in Palmižana. Renowned for the absence of traffic and with extensive footpaths and trails, the crystal-clear sea will serve as a perfect place for a gathering of digital industry leaders in search for a break from their daily routine. Here we will organize a party for all of the participants, allowing you to meet other attendees in a relaxed and informal setting.

From here the European Digital Industry Cup will return to its base marina in Trogir.

For the European Digital Industry Cup we offer 3 types of tickets:

  • Company boat (available for 6, 8 or 10 people) – 600 Euro per person
  • 1 person in a double cabin – 700 Euro per person
  • 1 person in a single cabin – 900 Euro per person

Included in the Price:

  • Sailing regatta participation fee
  • Expo and Congress participation fee
  • Sailing boat charter
  • Charter pack: bed linen, towels, gas in the kitchen
  • 3 nights on your sailing boat
  • Final cleaning, wi-fi (1 GB)
  • Berth, water and electricity in the marina
  • 3x breakfast on boat
  • 2x lunch on boat
  • 2x dinner
  • Partys with band and DJ on 11th and 12th October
  • Gift package
  • Customer support 24/7

Not included in the Price:

  • Transfers from airport and back
  • Insurance of the sailing boat
  • Gas
  • Skipper (You can have your own skipper with a licence or you can rent a skipper, 150 Euro per day)
  • **Tourist Tax (Paid separately to the charter agency in the marina)
  • Deposits:
    Insurance deposit: 1.000-3.000 Euro depends on the type of the desired boat, credit card guarantee in charter upon arrival

**Cancellation Policy

  • Nearest airports are Airport Split and Airport Zadar
  • The dress code for the European Digital Industry Cup is designated as sport casual.
  • There is no refund of funds
  • Number of boats and participants are limited
  • The reservations are filled as the crews apply
  • Booking is done and the boat is available after 100% payment in advance

If you wish to participate in any part of the Congress or Expo, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you have a friend or colleague that you think would be a perfect fit for the European Digital Industry Cup, kindly forward him our contact information that you can find at the bottom of the page.

The Futures of AI – We envisioned a future where AI acts as your personal assistant; helping you in your routines, fast tracking the basics and providing you with useful information. And this is all around the corner – but what is the real future of AI?

Customer Experience in the real world – Thoughts and examples what leaders in digital transformation have achieved re-tooling around the customer.

Now it’s getting interesting – are we ready? – Our technology consumption is changing rapidly, we need new frameworks and a deeper understanding. What can we do about it?

eBay’s Innovations in AI and Future Commerce Platforms – How eBay is investing and building AI technologies, cloud infrastructure and distributed commerce solutions, deploying new solutions daily.

At the same time and place we are organizing two other industry cups. By buying a ticket for the European Digital Industry Cup you will also get full access to the programs of the remaining two events. They are:

So for the price of one event you can get access to 3 events!

The European Digital Industry Cup is divided into 2 parts, a sailing regatta perfect for team building and industry congress and expo in our base marina where you will have a chance to network and hear from our top speakers.

Sailing regatta

For the duration of the Cup our comfortable sailboats will serve as your home base. Every day we will embark from our marina and partake in a series of races that form our business regattas. The atmosphere of the Adriatic sea and our sailboats will be the perfect experience for your team members, partners or clients to strengthen your bond and cohesion. Being a crew member on a sailing boat puts you in a unique perspective that will truly broaden your mind but also put you in a state of mindfulness.

But don’t worry if you have never been sailing, we have professional skippers on standby to take control of the helm, allowing you to participate in our business sailing regatta even if it’s your first time on a sailing boat.

Every day sailing is becoming a more popular team building activity for companies all over Europe, so join the European Digital Industry Cup and take your team members on a memorable cruise.

Business Congress and Expo

In addition to the business sailing regatta, the European Digital Industry Cup is unique in the added value it is bringing to all of its participants.

By organizing an Expo and Congress in our base marina in Trogir, Croatia, every day for the duration of the Cup we are giving you a must visit industry conference. Taking you far away from the usual setting of hotels and concrete halls, our Expo and Congress is an excellent opportunity to network in a relaxed atmosphere with other experts from all over Europe.

The program of the European Digital Industry Cup will bring you some of the top minds of the digital industry.

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