A lot of business conferences take place in hotels or halls or something of the sort. We wanted to bring a change. We got tired of the same old corporate setting. That is why we are rolling out a new concept, a conference on sailing boats.

Conference on sailing boats?

How will this be done? From the 10th to 13th October we are gathering experts from 3 different but related industries and taking them on an incredible journey. Combining the pleasure of sailing with top speakers from their fields, giving all present a chance to feel inspired by the wind, sea and sun. Our goal is to give everyone a new experience and show them that learning and doing business doesn’t have to be confined to the same old background.

Our conferences are designed to that you can book a boat for your team, clients or partners, take them on a wonderful sailing trip while meeting experts from your industry and listening to top speakers from their fields. With this you get a team building, networking event and industry conference all rolled up into one.

The three Cups

At the same time and place we are organizing three events that will overlap and allow you to meet various people and listen to topics of your choosing. By booking your place for one Cup, you will automatically gain admittance to the other two. And they are:

  1. The European Digital Industry Cup
  2. The Global Open Innovation Cup
  3. The Circular Change Cup

The three events all share the same marina and conference venue, which will be in Trogir, marina Baotić. But the boats will also be sailing together and racing each other when we have our regattas. The destination for the race will be the Pakleni Islands. Once there all crews will have entrance to our big party that will be organized exclusively for them.

After we visit Pakleni Islands and nearby Hvar we will turn back and once again stay in our base marina.

So if you book a boat for the European Digital Industry Cup, you will have access to all of the content concerning that Cup, but you will also be able to listen to the speakers that are talking about the circular economy or open innovation. This will further expand your options but also allow you to meet people from other industries that are closely related.

So shed your suit and tie and join us this October for a new and exciting experience! For more info you can contact us by e-mail.


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