As if organizing the largest regatta in Croatian history wasn’t enough, we are also preparing a new business conference concept. Alongside the Ariane’s Cup, the traditional regatta of the European space industry that will have over 900 participants, we still had plenty of power and creativity to organize a unique combination of sailing team building and industry congress – we called it the European Digital Industry Cup.

Even before we opened the registrations, our partners and associates were delighted with the idea. Some went even further and expressed an almost immediate desire to join and help us in this exciting new project. And that is why we are writing you today. Let us explain.

Why stop at 1?

The European Digital Industry Cup aims to bring together experts that deal with new technologies, provide them with 4 days of great fun and inspirational speeches. The idea seams simple and usual, but the great thing that makes our event so much different is that we bring you to an atmosphere of sailing boats! No more dull conference halls, only the sun and sea.

No wonder this has created such an excitement on the market, we are truly one of a kind in our offering.

But all this buzz attracted even more offers from potential partners, and some of them were truly inspirational. So we said yes. How could we not? And now we are ready to tell you what it’s all about! Read on.

The new duo

Expanding on our current Cup for the digital Industry, we have joined 2 more that are from similar topics, ensuring that they go hand in hand with one another. Our goal wasn’t just to expand on the event, it was crucial to add new content and people that will be complementary with one another.

That is why we accepted offers from our new partners that we have known for many years, and know that they are serious about their work. By joining forces with them we are providing everyone with more content and even more topics. Some of them are bound to catch your eye and spark interest, even though you maybe didn’t even think about these topics before!

The Global Open Innovation Cup

Open innovation is a topic that is increasingly becoming relevant, especially in the age of our digital world. A gathering of open innovation experts almost has an obligation to be inspirational and new, that’s why our sailing cup and accompanying Expo and Congress is such a unique but perfect combination for it.

The keynote speakers will be some of the best minds of the industry, such as Marcel Bogers, Rik Spann and Petra Stojanović-van Kan.

The Circular Change Cup

The circular economy has risen in its meaning and is making great strides in bringing about the awareness and technologies that will preserve our economies and planet. This amazing initiative will see the leaders of the industry come to our event marina, where they will spend the 4 days in great company of like minded though leaders, inspiring each other and creating solutions to our problems.

So much options

The great thing about our 3 events, that will all take place in our marina headquarters in Trogir, is that they will be held together. And the amazing thing about them is that you can get access to all 3 events for the admittance fee of just 1! That means that if you register for the European Digital Industry Cup, you automatically gain access to the Global Open Innovation Cup and the Circular Change Cup and vice versa.

The sailing cup will be united in the form of one big regatta, surely making a spectacular sight for everyone to enjoy.

Sign up today!

The prices are the same for all the events, and our early bird prices are valid until July 1st. So join us by signing up today and be part of a revolutionary new business sailing cup!

To get a glimpse at all of our events go to our upcoming events page.


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